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MSA Specialists is a team of full-service professionals that are ready to assist you in all phases of MSP compliance.


Our staff of fully qualified and nationally certified consultants are ready to respond to your needs. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm ET and we have a HIPPA compliant FTP drag and drop system that is always available to receive referrals and files.


Each MSA allocation is assigned to a MSCC certified nurse who compiles all components of the report. This assures a continuity of thought and is especially valuable at the 11th hour when information and feedback are at a premium.


Our goal is to serve the three parties involved in every MSA; the claimant, the carrier and Medicare, to the benefit and protection of each. With a fair and equitable allocation report, our objective is to facilitate final settlement.


Every client of MSA Specialists is assigned a single point of contact... someone who will be knowledge in the process and familiar with your individual needs.

Recognizing Excellence with NAMSAP