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About us

MSA Specialists, Inc (founded in 2003) is a national network of independent health care professionals with decades of practical experience. Our nurse consultants have obtained MSCC Certification as well as a multitude of other national certifications. Our professionals have been providing MSA services since the mid 1990s as part of other national companies.


Fran Provenzano serves as our President and CEO. Fran brings decades of health care experience to our efforts. Her experiences range from CORT to current status as a RN, BSN with certifications as CDMS, CCM, QRP, CLCP, MSCC, CMSP.


Fran is the past Vice President and currently serves on the board for the National Alliance of MSA Professionals (NAMSAP) as well as the lead instructor for The University Of Florida’s, MSCC National Certification classes (both in various locations around the country and on-line). She is also an instructor for the CMSP certification.